Müsing Racing & Development Team

The team, newly established in 2015 by Wolfram Kurschat, brilliantly reflects our concept.

His Müsing RACING Team, featuring top professional riders, is complemented perfectly by the super motivated DEVELOPMENT Team of talented young cyclists.

Highlight 2016: Lukas Baum wird Deutscher Meister der U23-Wertung in Wombach.

We are especially excited about Wolfram’s dual study concept: alongside training in the sport and building up a professional career, team members are also supported with their vocational studies.
We are thrilled and extremely proud to have such a strong and experienced partner by our side in the form of Wolfram and his team!

Team Bikes

  1. 29

    Müsing Specter 9

    Müsing Specter 9

  2. 29

    Müsing Petrol 2C

    Müsing Petrol 2C

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