Müsing Petrol 2C: Rated "Very good" in the BIKE magazine 6/2019

Müsing Petrol 2C: "Sehr gut" im BIKE-Magazin Test 6/2019

Our new "Marathon / Trail bullet" Petrol 2C was rated "very good" in the current BIKE magazine.

BIKE praises the low weight of the tested bike. The light full carbon frame of the Petrol 2C, which is "below the two kilo mark and has a decent stiffness", contributes significantly to this.
According to the BIKE tester, the Petrol 2C's rider position initially conveys "more trail-than-race feeling, but when accelerating, the bike can not deny its marathon DNA and accelerates superbly thanks to its lightweight wheels".

The conclusion of the test: "With 120 millimeters of travel, the Petrol 2C with its modern geometry sits somewhere between the category of marathon and trail. Thanks to its sporty behaviour the new full suspension bike by Müsing hunts for altitude meters in the marathon slightly more than technical trails."

That was exactly what our approach for this bike: a modern marathon race full suspension bike that also works great in trails and technical downhill sections. Goal achieved!

For those of you who are looking for a lightweight bike with more focus on trail skills we offer the Petrol 4C with 140mm travel front and 120mm rear.

Thanks for reading ,
your Müsing Team XXX :)

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