Build Your Dream means that with Müsing, you can create your bike exactly as you want it. Individuality and quality are our top priorities: all Müsing bikes are assembled with the greatest of care. Of course, we only use the best quality structural components from renowned manufacturers.

Choose your bike to personalize it.

  1. Müsing Petrol 2C

    Müsing Petrol 2C

  2. Müsing Petrol 4C

    Müsing Petrol 4C

  3. Müsing Petrol 2

    Müsing Petrol 2

  4. Müsing Petrol 3

    Müsing Petrol 3

  5. Müsing Petrol 5

    Müsing Petrol 5

  6. Müsing Petrol 5P

    Müsing Petrol 5P

  7. Müsing Petrol 5E

    Müsing Petrol 5E

  8. Müsing Petrol 7

    Müsing Petrol 7

  9. Müsing Specter 9

    Müsing Specter 9

  10. Müsing Savage E

    Müsing Savage E

  11. Müsing Savage 9

    Müsing Savage 9

  12. Müsing Savage 7

    Müsing Savage 7

  13. Müsing Pinion 9

    Müsing Pinion 9

  14. Müsing Comp 9

    Müsing Comp 9

  15. Müsing Comp 7

    Müsing Comp 7

  16. Müsing Comp 7 Lady

    Müsing Comp 7 Lady

  17. Müsing Rohloff 9

    Müsing Rohloff 9

  18. Müsing Racy

    Müsing Racy

  19. Müsing Aviator

    Müsing Aviator

  20. Müsing Ranger

    Müsing Ranger

  21. Müsing Onroad Lite / Lite Di2

    Müsing Onroad Lite / Lite Di2

  22. Müsing Onroad Comp

    Müsing Onroad Comp

  23. Müsing Timetrail

    Müsing Timetrail

  24. Müsing Racy CX

    Müsing Racy CX

  25. Müsing Ranger CX

    Müsing Ranger CX

  26. Müsing Crozzroad Disc

    Müsing Crozzroad Disc

  27. Müsing Crozzroad Lite

    Müsing Crozzroad Lite

  28. Müsing Zirkon

    Müsing Zirkon

  29. Müsing Zirkon Lady

    Müsing Zirkon Lady

  30. Müsing Pyrit

    Müsing Pyrit

  31. Müsing Twinroad Lite Herren

    Müsing Twinroad Lite Herren

  32. Müsing Twinroad Lite Damen

    Müsing Twinroad Lite Damen

  33. Müsing Twinroad Lite Wave

    Müsing Twinroad Lite Wave

  34. Müsing Twinroad Rohloff Herren

    Müsing Twinroad Rohloff Herren

  35. Müsing Twinroad Rohloff Damen

    Müsing Twinroad Rohloff Damen

  36. Müsing Twinroad Lite R

    Müsing Twinroad Lite R

  37. Müsing Twinroad Alfine-Nexus Herren

    Müsing Twinroad Alfine-Nexus Herren

  38. Müsing Twinroad Alfine-Nexus Damen

    Müsing Twinroad Alfine-Nexus Damen

  39. Müsing Twinroad Alfine-Nexus Wave

    Müsing Twinroad Alfine-Nexus Wave

  40. Müsing Pyrit E

    Müsing Pyrit E

  41. Müsing Zirkon E

    Müsing Zirkon E

  42. Müsing Zirkon E Lady

    Müsing Zirkon E Lady

  43. Müsing Pyrit E 6000

    Müsing Pyrit E 6000

  44. Müsing Zirkon E 6000

    Müsing Zirkon E 6000

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